Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Jacob is growing like a "bad weed, in a good way." I walked with the boys to church on Sunday and my neighbor (nice man) came up and said how the baby was growing like a bad weed. I added, "But in a good way, right?" He amended his comment and we had a little giggle.
Almost 3 weeks ago now, he weighed 11 pounds 2 ounces. I KNOW he's bigger than that now, but I couldn't tell you how big he is. He barely fits into some of his size 0-3 month clothes, and has moved up to size 2 diapers. I had nearly a whole bag of the size 1's but I found someone who could use them! I wanted to use the whole bag up, but the kid pooped through 3 outfits in one day. It was time to move on.
My baby now eats like a pro. Thanks to the eating, he's chunked out. His thighs are just rolls! It's so fun to have a chubby baby.
He has been trying to hold his head up on his own since the day he was born, and is ALMOST there now. He's super strong where he can stand on his legs with just a little help standing up. It's like he's got things to do and he's ready to do them.
Cameron is also growing like crazy. He's SO tall. It's insane for me to think that at one time he was Jake's size. Although he's tall, he's not big. He's still skinny and I constantly have to remind the boy to pull up his pants otherwise his butt will hang out.
My baby brother is leaving tomorrow for the MTC. I'm going to miss him, but I'm sure he'll be fine. And who knows, maybe the time will speed the way the last 7-8 years have for me. Tonight he'll be an "official" missionary, and I plan to get pictures of him with the boys so they'll have a way to remember him for when he gets home.
My uncle Ben has been taking care of my grandpa. It's been such a blessing to not be worrying about grandpa all the time. I'm sure it's not easy for Uncle Ben, but he's doing a GREAT job. I guess the new plan is that Uncle Ben will move into grandpa's house and take care of him full-time. What a great blessing for Grandpa to continue to live in his house. Even though he still doesn't remember, I'm sure the transition into this new life without Grandma will be easier in his own home.
Even though my uncle will be living with my grandpa, my OTHER uncle will be moving out of Grandpa's house and into my mom's. Uncle Aaron is handicapped and needs as much, if not more, care than Grandpa. He's told my mom on more than one occasion that he can't WAIT to move into her house. He says it will be SO fun! We'll start moving him in on Thursday.
We're preparing for our trip to Arizona. We will be gone all next week. And Steve is SO ready for a vacation. He's been planning and saving for this trip for 2 years. He really deserves it!
Otherwise, life goes on....and we TRY to keep up! :)


The Jones Family said...

Glad to here your kids are growing like weeds! Atleast you know they are healthy that way :) We'll have to talk some more when we are at church nursing our kids!

Melzie said...

i like that little saying. :) N is so tall, almost to my shoulders... ugh.

CareBearMommy said...

It sounds like your family is doing well. I love that picture of little Jake, too. And have fun on your much-awaited family vacation next week. Will you be taking the van, or the car?

Also, I hope the new living arrangements for your grandpa and two uncles works out. I bet it's nice to know that they have a plan now. :)