Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Noises I WISH You Could Hear

The constant snort that Jake makes when he cute!
Cameron BEGGING over and over to hold his baby brother, or announcing TO his baby brother that he's here. "Here's BIG brother, Cameron!"
The laughing of Cameron with the cute faces that his brother makes. It's just too TOO adorable!
The goo of Jacob when I try to talk to him. It's like he's talking back to me.
The constant screams that come from a belly ache. Either from mama eating onions or drinking caffeine or from a grandparent deciding that baby needs his first taste of ice cream....thus causing a major baby belly ache.
And finally in the middle of the night I hear ONE more sound. The first time I heard it I thought I was dreaming. Imagine the noise Chewbacca from Star Wars makes. Now imagine that same "Chewbacca call" a little higher pitched. Yeah, I call it the baby Chewbacca. It's Jake, letting me know he's hungry and ready to be fed.


Amy said...

those are all wonderful sounds, well except for the baby chewbaca LOL
p.s. love the new background

The Jones Family said...

isn't it funny the noise babies make? Allie has one similar to Jake's. It always freaks me out when I am sleeping and she makes that noise. I love your new template!

Mattsmom said...

HE HE! Baby Chewbacca! So cute. Does that Make Cam "big brother Solo"?
Baby noises are the best. I am sure you treasure every moment!
P.S. I LOVE Jakes chubby legs! My babies both had stork legs and no bum.

Kim said...

I am so loving your new background! Way cute! Those sounds are so funny. I'm glad you guys are getting ready for your trip next week. I hope you guys have a fabulous and safe time in AZ.

Anne/kq said...

You sure you didn't have a close encounter with a Wookie sometime last year? :p

that's so cute!