Sunday, June 29, 2008

Busy Sunday

We have been up since around 7:00 this morning to get things going for church (and of COURSE, we were late yet again this week....) In our home ward we had a baptism confirmation and TWO baby blessings. Then as soon as Sacrament Meeting was over we went to see my cousin's baby blessed. The church building she had her baby blessed at was being remodeled, so we had Sacrament Meeting in the gym (which had NO air conditioning at ALL) and we were all dying from the heat! My poor baby was SO hot! He was wearing a onesie, a pollo-shirt onesie, sweater, pants and the end of the meeting he was sleeping peacefully wearing only a shirt! Seriously, it was HOT!
Then we all went to have a picnic at a local park....where it was hot! (Have I mentioned my HATRED of heat? I would MUCH rather be too cold than too can ALWAYS put more things on, but you can't always take enough off!) After the park we sought refuge at my parents' house (which has central AIR.....*chorus of angels singing Hallelujas*) I'm feeling SO good right now!
My grandma and grandpa came over to my parents' house as well....Grandma looked better than she has the last few days, but the lady just doesn't have an appetite at all.
Here she is making goo-goo eyes at Jake.
Now all I really want to do is NAP! But sadly, if I do, I probably won't sleep very well tonight! *sigh*


Anne/kq said...

Can I just say I am in awe you manage to make it to church so soon after having a baby?

It always takes me a lot longer than that to get back to church!

Sketchy said...

Ahhh, poor guy! And I second Anne's admiration.

The Cook Clan said...

Oh what cute pics with grandma Kathy!!! I miss you guys!