Saturday, December 10, 2011

All is Quiet....

So, my last post....yeah, a bit of a lie.
We had a miracle. On Friday, we began running around doing errands for the house (changing the electricity, gas....) when our mortgage lady, Julz, called.
Me: "Hello?"
Julz: "Dawnyel?? I just left you a HUGE rambly message on your home phone. You're funded."
Me: "What!? How did that happen?" (Seriously dancing in my seat and grinning ear-to-ear.)
Julz: "You're funded. You can get the keys...NOW!"
There was other talk (boring, boring, BORING...especially after the happy news...) and she told us that we had to see the title company and it was ours.
We finished our errands and hurried to the title company, signed the extra papers (a few mistakes) and we were done.
We've been moving in since yesterday. It was a HUGE job, but we had TONS of wonderful help. We're actually IN the house right now. I'm sitting in my cold family room with freezing fingers typing right now (darn that draft...) but we're HOME!!!!
Just a few things left to move over, an old apartment to clean and release, and then we can unpack and just BREATHE!!


Deanna said...

YAYYYYYYYYYY! You made it!

cressfamily said...