Friday, November 11, 2011

We Got the House!!!!

I'm SO beyond thrilled. Honestly, right now I've got perma-grin.
Steve called me with the news, and I asked if they'd counter-offered....they DIDN'T!!
OH MY GOSH!!! I've got a house, and at a SCREAMING deal too!!!
I am just overwhelmed with happiness right now, you have no idea!!


Jewelle said...

Congrats! I'm sure you boys will love having a bit more room. As will you I'm sure : )

cressfamily said...

HOORAY!! I'm so happy for ya!

stevie kay said...

Very nice. I love the upstairs family room!

Dimick's said...

Congrats, Dawnyel!!! I was wondering how that was going. Ririe will be a great place to live, especially since you're that much close to the square ice cream store. We're so excited for you next big adventure, so fun!

Dawnyel said...

LOL, Marci....we got one in town. Ririe's offer went to another person.