Monday, November 07, 2011

House Hunt

We've been looking for a house for MONTHS now. The first day we looked, Steve found the house that he loved. I thought it was nice, but it just didn't FEEL right to me. Then the next week I found a house that I loved, but Steve didn't like.
Then we'd been on the fence for a while. Steve told me that he felt like either house that we picked (of the two we both liked) would be fine. I thought we should still look, and we agreed to not decide anything yet.
Then last week we went looking again. We saw a BUNCH of houses....and none were really speaking to us. Then we visited a house that we BOTH were in awe of. We both really liked it, and both felt really good about it.
That night we put in an offer on that house....and found out there was already another offer.
Today we learned that they went with the other offer.
When I heard that, I was relieved. That night that we signed the papers for the offer, I had a bad feeling and dreamed about my first dream house...the one that I love, but Steve was having a hard time seeing us living in. ALL night I dreamed that we lived there, that we were happy there, that we were content.
I ignored those dreams, and bad feelings, because I didn't want to tell Steve that we'd made a mistake.
I actually prayed that we would be approved for the house that was MEANT to be ours, and if the house we'd put an offer on was wrong that we'd be denied.
I guess I got my answer, didn't I?
I really and truly feel like we need to put in an offer on that other house. I feel at home every time I think about it, drive past it, look at pictures of it....
Now I just have to convince Steve of that....

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Paul and Gaylene said...

I think that you need to tell Steve about your dream and let him pray about and if it's the one that the lord's tells you guys is it, then you will know that's where you are suppose to be. Everything will work out the way it is suppos to.