Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sharing Time Update

I think Sharing time went well. The message was "reading, watching, and listening to wholesome things helps keep my mind clear." The manual had only 2 paragraphs to fill the 15-20 minutes I have to teach this concept. Seriously, it wasn't enough.
I found some great ideas from this blog and used the Sunday Savers book. I had two glasses of water, one with mud and gunk in it, the other clear. I asked if they wanted to drink from the muddy cup, and one boy in senior primary ALMOST did...gross. Then we talked about how we want our minds to be clean and clear. Then we had several scenarios where you either had a good thought or a bad thought. We separated the thoughts into happy and sad bags. For the kids to pick out of the bag, they had to wear my goofy glasses. I found some giant sunglasses at the dollar store, popped out the lenses (you couldn't see through them anyway...) then I taped ears onto the side. I even had a hat that I taped a "clear mind" to. The kids absolutely LOVED it!! They didn't want to stop playing when time was up.
Anyway, I think it went well. I already love those kids, and now I just have to teach them. I think I'm going to be okay.
(Oh, and Kim, I'm not so sure teaching would have worked out for me....I don't have much patience past an hour or so of time. ;)


Jewelle said...

Yay for you! Sounds like an excellent lesson!

Deanna said...

glad it went well!!! My boys were excited that you were their 'new' teacher....but made me laugh when they told me they learned about keeping the earth clean. LOL! i peeked at the theme this month and what they told me didn't fly. ROFL.

Thanks for being so awesome! ♥