Sunday, August 28, 2011


I've got them in BUNCHES.
Tomorrow is my first Sharing Time. I'm not too worried about the kids, I already love them and know most of them....but I'm worried about getting my point across. I've got all sorts of props and things, but I want the kids to remember past church what I'm trying to teach....too much to ask?? Probably.
Not only do I have nerves, but Cameron does too. He starts school back up on Monday. (I'm doing the happy dance...I can't wait!) He's excited to go back and even MORE excited because this year they have a pet bunny. The kids are going to vote on a name for the pet, and he really hopes his choice is picked. He is still thinking of a name, but either way, he's happy to be able to take care of such a cute critter.
Jake's a little bundle of nerves as well. He was very disappointed this week when he didn't get to take his "school supplies" to school. He thinks he's big enough to go to school too. I've promised him that we will have our OWN school at home while Cameron is gone. He's okay with that, for now. I just worry that he'll see right through my non-knowledge and want real school anyway. So far I've got him flash cards, videos, a workbook, and some crayons and other goodies. He's SO ready to go to school, even though he's only 3.
Wish us all well....we may very well need it. :)


Deanna said...

you will do great!!! You are amazing....and I'm sure the kids will remember! :)

Good luck with school!

Kim said...

I remember the days of being SUPER EXCITED to go to school. That is really neat that the kids will have a pet this year. I really love when teachers use animals in their rooms to teach responsibility, compassion, etc. You will do great at sharing time. Let me know how it went :) I always thought that you should have majored in education in college.