Monday, August 22, 2011

New Jobs....Old Loves

A few weeks ago (while I was out of town) I was called to be in a new calling at church. Since becoming an adult (18 years old...) I've held MANY callings: Primary teacher (11 year olds and 5-6 year olds), Primary chorister (twice...two different wards), Cub Scout Den Leader, Visiting Teaching Coordinator, and Relief Society Meeting board-member. They've all been challenging in their own way, but my love was (and still is) Primary. I love hearing the kids bear sweet testimony of the gospel basics. Don't get me wrong, I've absolutely LOVED being in the adult classes, but found staying awake in class a little difficult. *giggle*
Anyway, new calling, right? I'm now in the Primary Presidency. I had a feeling it was coming when the previous counselor announced that it was her last Sunday. Then that same day, I went down to our Primary room for my calling, and realized that it felt comfortable. I KNEW that calling was coming, but I didn't say a word. Not to anyone....
Then, when Brother R, from the bishopric, called to come and visit with Steve and I, we began discussing why he was coming. Steve started saying, "I JUST got my calling (he's teaching the 9 year old kids, he is struggling, but seems to like it well enough.) It can't be me!"
I calmly looked at him and said, "It's for me."
He huffed for a minute, and then asked me why, and I said I'd discuss it with him after the calling came.
Sure enough, it was what I had thought and I accepted it (I think I'd accepted it when I felt like it was coming the previous Sunday).
I have been anxious about it since receiving the call...mostly because I've never been in a presidency before and don't really know what to expect.
After a quick run-down from the Primary President (a VERY good friend) and spending this last Sunday in Primary I'm no longer worried. I'm excited and ready for the current challenge. When I was set-apart (a special blessing given to those who are called, giving them the rights and blessings associated with the new calling) I was reminded over and over that Heavenly Father WILL hear and answer my prayers. He will guide me and help me say what the children need to hear. My family will be blessed, and most importantly I will be blessed (both spiritually and physically) as I serve.
I'm hoping to share some Sharing Time ideas on my side-bar, just like I did with my singing time ideas. Sharing is my best kept secret. I'm not that creative on my own, really....but I can play up someone else's idea like you wouldn't believe.


Jewelle said...

I just got released from that calling a couple weeks ago. I've already deleted the blog I went to frequently where I got my BEST ideas from. I know it was also linked on Sugardoodle so you can find it there. It was something like Little LDS Ideas. Have fun with your new calling it is a fun one!

cressfamily said...

You'll do great!! Good Luck and keep smiling and laughing theose kids are lucky to have you.