Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Internal Language.....and Other Things to Think About

So my Girls' Weekend Out was FANTABULOUS! The theme of the trip was "You are Beautiful." I'm SO glad that it was, I really needed it (as well as a few others of us.)
On Saturday we all took a class that was entitled "You are Beautiful," and it was taught by 4 LOVELY ladies, who I look up to. One of them talked about changing your internal language to positive thoughts. She talked about her own personal journey, and encouraged the rest of us to do the same.
She talked about sitting on a rock for 4 hours and contemplating who we are....I hope to do this sometime soon.
She said that when we're having particularly negative thoughts, to write them on our hand (the negative on the left hand and the positive on the right.) Then we can choose which one we want to keep in our mind.
And she talked about figuring out our own personal internal sentence that defines who we are and make it something positive if it's negative. I have come back to this many times since she first brought it up. My first thought was to find my negative sentence, and I found it pretty quickly. It isn't necessarily something that I always entertain, but when someone sincerely compliments me and my first thought is negative, THIS is the sentence that comes first: "I'm fat, and fat is ugly."
I know, pretty harsh, right?
So then I was thinking about what I wanted my positive sentence to be, and realized that I already have one. On my happier, and more positive days I have a sentence that I think when someone compliments me: "I'm happy to be me, and I will not accept your criticisms."
I was pleased to know that I DO have some positive things to combat all those negative voices that sneak in.
That night we were having a special testimony meeting, and one of my most favorite people got up and talked about something that I've come to LOVE! She said that we needed to think about a woman we know who has the traits that we look up to and list them. She asked us to think of four traits (because that's her lucky number....) then she gave us time to think. I thought of a wonderful woman in my ward, one I love and have actually told that I want to be like her. My four traits for her were: 1. She's a happy woman. 2. She is confident. 3. She is hilarious (she ALWAYS makes me laugh.) And 4. She is kind.
After we'd thought about our traits, my friend said that those traits we listed are things that we have within ourselves. We can recognize them because they are apart of us. They resonate through our whole lives.
After hearing this thought, I realized that it was true...not necessarily at all times, but those ARE who I am.
My weekend taught me SO much about myself, and how to truly love others that I had misjudged. I want this feeling with me ALWAYS.....


Kim said...

Very cool. I so glad that you feel rejuvenated. I hope you can hang onto that feeling now that you are back in your chaotic world :)

Deb said...

I'm so glad you wrote about this. I feel as if I were there, now. What important lessons, and you are amazing and beautiful so I hope you always know that!

Mattsmom said...

Love it. Love you. Loved every word spoken that day. The words shared there were so clearly a gift from God. It was what so many needed to hear. Thanks for chatting about it on the way home!