Thursday, April 28, 2011

Monster Children See Monster Trucks

A few weeks ago Steve took our boys to a Monster Truck rally. The boys were VERY excited. Anytime they saw a commercial for the rally they'd dance around clapping their hands, "WE GET TO GO SEE THAT!!"
Thankfully, since my hubby is a SAINT, I was able to stay home and did NOT have to participate. (He gets me, he really does...)
The boys had a BLAST! Although, I heard that Jake wanted mom after the first few minutes. Eventually, he got into the mood and was yelling and having fun with everyone else.
It ended up going pretty late, and the boys were SO tired when they got home at one in the morning, but they're already begging to go again next year.
Cameron, my sweet boy, keeps saying, "Mom, I close my eyes, and all I see are monster trucks!"
We know what will make the boys' year next time around....


Deb said...

That's funny that he sees them all the time. I
'm sure my boys would love it too but I.m with you. ; )

Deanna said...

For cute! Love those adorable pictures!!!