Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spiritually Fed

This morning I went with some women from my ward to a regional women's conference in Rexburg. We left fairly early, and waited for an hour before it started.
The guest speaker was Sister Julie B. Beck, the general Relief Society president. This is a HUGE deal. The only other time we really hear from the general Relief Society president is during conference or the general women's broadcast which precedes General Conference.
She started by talking about what a great time she's had and how she was a little nervous. Then she said that she would take questions from the audience and answer them. The Spirit was SO strong. She asked that the questions be able to help others and not be too terribly specific. The first question was great: How do we gain our own personal testimony of the Relief Society?
Her answer was to know who we are, that we're not below the priesthood, but that the Relief Society works hand in hand in Heavenly Father's plan. Women, along with men, are equal halves of a divine pair. Women have our roles, and men have theirs. We can't delegate to the other, we must do our own work.
Then she told us the mission of Relief Society: Increase our faith and righteousness, strengthen our homes and families, and seek others to help.
She said that the most revelation we'll receive will be when we get on our knees and ask.
Questions ranged from wayward children, to wayward friends, how we can strengthen our own spirits and endure, what we can do to prepare to serve a mission, how we can find balance in all aspects of our lives, how often to attend the temple, how to accept others and not use spite, how to better teach, how to guard against pornography, and how to prepare this world for Christ. It was one where we heard stories, searched the scriptures and encouraged one another.
A few of my favorite sayings that she said mostly had to do with parenting and being a good friend and sister.
"Don't ever assume that the person you are talking to doesn't need something too." (In other words, everyone is struggling with something, why not try to help out where we can.)
"Be a light, melt the spite."
"We want our Spiritual children to be kind and obedient. This is not what we were given. Our children are the Lord's toughest and strongest Spirits and they NEED strong teachers and leaders."
"We all have excuses about Visiting Teaching, but we need to get over them. The Lord doesn't care, he wants us to get to work."
Over all, a great GREAT meeting. I love it when my spiritual reservoirs are filled.


Deanna said...

I agree !!! It was fabulous. I feel so at peace after hearing her loving and encouraging words. :)

Emily said...

Fab fab...I think that woman should wear a super cape. I know we aren't suppose to worship her. I am just so thankful for who she is so she could teach us all.

Thanks for your thoughts, you lovely lady. I miss seeing you in primary, leading the music and loving the kids. You were fab. That seems like a million years ago.

Elena said...

Thanks for posting this. I wasn't able to attend and wanted to hear what she had to say. Sounds like it was great.