Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Early Birthday

All summer, we've commented on how much Cameron has grown, and how he now needs a bigger bike. I told him that he could have a new bike for his birthday....and then I realized that if he got the bike in October, he wouldn't be able to enjoy it for very long before winter set in and he couldn't ride it for another 6 months. SO, we got him his new bike TODAY!
Cameron was able to spend a special time with JUST mom and dad at the store buying his bike and school supplies. He LOVED every minute of it. I had worried that the choice of picking out a bike would overwhelm him, but he was QUICK. He chose the red one with the number ONE. Then he chose a helmet that matched. We reminded him that this WAS his birthday present and when his birthday comes all he's getting from us is a cake. He was okay with that.
He had a busy schedule today and was able to ride for MAYBE 30 minutes the whole day.
I think he'll enjoy it, but now we have a new problem: Jake wants a new bike too.

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Deanna said...

Super cute pictures!!! And YAY for early birthdays!!!