Thursday, July 15, 2010

More Kid Funnies

My family reunion is starting up. I'm SO excited. I absolutely LOVE hanging out with my cousins and their's just so fun.
Anyway, last night we had our "pre-family reunion activity." We hung a sheet in my grandpa's backyard, and watched a movie. It really was fun, but a little rough on kids who are early to bed, early to rise...
My cousin's son, Jakeb, has adopted me and Steve. He's super cute, and very much a little 3 year old boy. Last night he kept pointing to me and telling his mom, "I like her!" (How could I pass this little guy by?) So when he begged to sit on my lap, I had to let him....just had to, I was wrapped around his chubby little fingers.
While we were watching the movie, he began rubbing my boob. Then he announced, "You have BOOBS!"
"Yes, I do..."
(Giggling on the inside...)
And one more....I can't resist these funny kids that I live around.
I walked Cameron to his therapy yesterday, which means the boys had to walk too. Cam didn't have a bit of a problem, he's a good kid. Jake, however, isn't used to the long walks. He kept standing in front of me saying, "Cay-ye me! Cay-ye me!" (In case you don't speak toddler, that's "carry me.")
I told him that he was a big boy, and look, Cameron is can walk too. He agreed, and would walk along, until he got tired again.
Eventually we made it to the building, and we dropped him off. Cameron's getting to that age where mom telling him that she loves him and will miss him is SOOOOOOO embarrassing, so he usually takes off pretty quickly.
After we'd been abandoned, I took Jake out the door, and began our short walk home. He looked around for a bit, and began to crumble, literally, on the sidewalk. "CAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMEROOOOOOONNN!N!!!!"
I lifted him, not wanting him to hurt himself, and said, "He's at therapy, we need to go home. Don't worry, we'll come back for him..." Jake's wails were picking up speed.
Then I got an idea.
"Jake, do you want to go home and watch a movie?"
"You mean, you don't want any popcorn?"
"Co-corn??" There were no complaints for the rest of the walk home, in fact, he was almost dragging ME home.

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Rebekah said...

Aww, that is SO SO SO sweet that he loves his big brother sooo much! I hope my kids will love each other like that. <3