Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Steve was in a minor car accident yesterday. No one was hurt in either car. (Thank heaven!) But the cars had some damage to them. Our new-ish car now has a big black streak and a cracked bumper.
I guess Steve was pulling out of his work's parking lot, and didn't see the other car coming and they side-swiped each other. (Steve OFTEN doesn't see other cars coming...his blind-spot in the car is HUGE, but he really REALLY needs to look TWICE! I have to tell him when I ride with him NOT to go because a car is coming...)
After calling everyone yesterday, we don't have to pay anything extra, our insurance is covering it all (well, except the damage to OUR car, but that's only the $100 deductible) and our premiums won't go up either. YAY for good insurance.
Here's the car....poor, poor car.
Like I said though, I'm glad no one was hurt, it could have been SO much worse!

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