Sunday, May 02, 2010

Love Story, Part 9

During this time, we went to almost every Institute dance we could. It was just our standard Friday night plans.
One Friday night, we went out to the dance, joined by my friends (yet again) and one of my high school friends.
At the dance, we pretty much danced EVERY slow song (except one, he danced with my friend who was visiting, he's such a nice guy...) During one of the dances, my friend Candace, came up to us and asked us if we knew that another girl, Jeanie (or something like that, I honestly cannot remember her name...for the sake of story telling though, I'll call her "Jeanie.") was very upset. Apparently, unbeknownst to us, she had decided that SHE was going to marry Steve, and us dancing and walking around the Institute gym hand in hand was NOT what she'd wanted to see. So she asked Candace if we were boyfriend and girlfriend. Candace, who didn't know what to say, but knew that I wouldn't appreciate Jeanie butting in, told her that we were, then immediately came to tell us what she'd done.
We thanked her for her intervention on our behalf, and then she left us alone. We got quiet for a minute, and then we looked at one another and I asked him, "So, ARE we boyfriend and girlfriend?" (You would have THOUGHT we'd have known...) And he said, "I'd like that." I ageed and from then on yes, we were.
That same night, a friend drove us home from the dance. Once he got to the dorm, we were talking about how we might look weird when we're older, and Steve squeezed my hand and said, "I'll always love Dawnyel, no matter HOW old and wrinkly she gets." *fairy dust....fairy dust*
I was a bit stunned, but in a good way. I not only knew now that he liked me, but he "loved" me. I felt bad that I didn't say the same thing back, but it would have been awkward given the conversation.
I was just glad that now I KNEW how he felt toward me, and that I was feeling the same way toward him.

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