Monday, May 03, 2010

Love Story, Part 10: The Kiss

Officially, Steve and I had only KNOWN each other for about a month, but we were so deliriously happy. We spent a lot of time together, and I'm absolutely sure I made my good college friends SICK of my constant Steve-talk. Usually the talk would turn from me retelling our exploits to my girlfriends asking, "So, has he kissed you yet?"
I would bashfully tell them, "No, not yet..."
Now, we both were happy, but why WOULDN'T he kiss me?
I tried not to dwell on this too much, but it was constantly on my mind.
The day before my birthday, my 20th birthday, Steve, Candace and I went to my home for a birthday visit. (My birthday that year was on a Sunday, and I was going to stay at school for my birthday, but my mom wanted me to come home for my birthday AND to attend a wedding with her.) That morning, I went shopping for my annual birthday clothes, and found some cute things, and I fell in love with a green dress, I planned on wearing it to the wedding that day.
At the wedding, Steve and I watched as the couple married, and he leaned over to whisper in my ear, "When I marry, I want it to be forever, none of this 'until death do we part' stuff." I squeezed his hand in response.
After the wedding, Candace wanted to go hang out downtown, and I agreed. My brother, Shad and cousin, Jerid tagged along. Candace had told me that she thought Jerid was cute, and Shad just thought Candace was my gift to HIM. The three of them took off once we got to our destination, and Steve and I were left alone to walk and talk.
I asked him about work and he confided that his co-workers were asking him when he was going to kiss me. I asked him why he wouldn't and he told me that the time wasn't quite right. I think I told him that I wouldn't mind being kissed and then I let it go. Then we went in search of Candace and the boys. We found them and went back to my house.
That same day we'd gone grocery shopping with my mom. While at the store, we saw one of those toy machines that dispenses a capsule with a toy in it. This particular machine had little silver rings in them. We looked at one another with mischief in our eyes. Why not stage a mock-engagement for my friends at school? He'd buy me the cheap 25 cent ring, and I'd wear it back to school, showing it off to my friends so that they'd think that he'd proposed. It was PERFECT!! We got the ring, and he gently adjusted it, and then he slid it on my finger. It was going to be hilarious.
That night, my mom and brother took us back to school. I was driving, and Steve was in the passenger seat. As we were getting out of the car at his apartment he whispered to me, "Stay behind for a bit..."
I KNEW what that meant...he was going to kiss me.
Now, remember, I'd never had a real relationship with ANY guy, Cody was the closest I'd come to a relationship, and that dork couldn't even hold my hand....this was all new to me.
My mom and brother took a quick tour of Steve's apartment, and then they left. I hung back.
The butterflies were fluttering in my stomach. I was SO nervous. Nervous, but secretly thrilled.
He gave me a hug, and then slowly we closed our eyes and kissed.
It was a sweet, innocent kiss that made my lips tingle. I smiled at him when it was over and said good bye.
I practically floated back to the car. No one really asked what happened, and I was glad.
I don't remember the drive home (which is quite scary, because I was driving...) but I remember when I got to my room I closed the door and sighed. My roommate saw the ring, my face and said, "HE KISSED YOU!"
I guess I couldn't hide it very well.

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