Friday, April 30, 2010

*Time Out* Steve's Version

I had just come home from my mission. And in the back of my mind the words of Sister "T" from my mission were going through my head, "You will be married within 10 months of getting home."
I came home and I was cornered by the Institute Choir director to come back into the choir that I was in before my mission, so I said, "Okay, I'll do it."
Then someone told me that I should come and sing with the other choir for the "Greater Than Us All" performance. I told them that I didn't have time, but Brother Homer, the choir director, told all the men that they NEEDED to be in the performance, so I went along with it.
I only had 2 weeks to learn the songs for the performance, so I started going to the night rehearsals. When we finally started putting the performance together that's when I noticed this girl. I thought to myself, "Wow! Cute girl."
With Sister "T's" words in mind, I began pursuing that girl. Then I remember a couple of nights before we performed, we were talking about horoscopes and it said something about how you should go out on a date with a girl, so I asked the girl to go out on a date. She half-heartedly agreed. (She was just being polite.) She had mentioned earlier that her boyfriend was going on a mission, so that was my cue to put on the heat. We would watch a movie and then go to the institute dance.
We set the time to meet at the theater. I arrived before she did, and I sat waiting. And to my surprise walking through the glass doors, MANY girls arrived. I don't know the number, but it wasn't JUST her. I thought, "I only asked ONE. Who are these OTHER people?" One guy with a whole passel of girls, what the heck..."
I wondered, "Do I need to dance with all of them?"
We watched the movie, with my date on one side, and the rest of the gang on the other side. They ate my popcorn....the one I bought just for me and my date. My date kept her arms folded the entire movie.
After the movie, which was a good movie, we went to the dance. I only danced with my date twice. And then one of her friends started jumping up and down saying, "I love this song! I love this song!" And before I knew it, we were dancing to it, because she liked it....a LOT. I never saw my date for the rest of the night.
After our final performance we had our "cast party." The men were required to bring the soda and the girls brought the snacks. At our party, off in the corner there were 3 girls chugging root beer. And I heard something that I'd never heard come out of a girl's mouth ever, the biggest, LOUDEST belch. I turned and said to myself, "WOW! I NEED to date that girl."
The girl who had been drinking the root beer, I mean, it was 2 liters between the three of them, needed help walking to her apartment, which was at the top of the hill. This was also the girl who over-reacted to the song at the dance.
Because of that belch, I fell for that girl. And thus began a new and fulfilling relationship. One that would last, FOREVER.
Moral of the story:
What you want isn't always the way you should go.

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