Friday, April 30, 2010

Love Story, Part 7

After that "date" Steve and I became better friends. He talked to me quite often, and that Sunday, he came to church to find me. I was pleasantly surprised to see him, and blushed that I had just been caught talking about him to my friends.
After our final performance, we had our choir party. Funny enough, though all the boys were asked to bring drinks, they all brought the SAME kind of drink: root beer. One of my more rowdy friends challenged me and another friend to a belching contest. I was up for the challenge.
The contest was very much a blur....I do remember downing 10 small Dixie cups of root beer within 2 minutes time. I don't remember whether I won the contest or not, but by the time the whole thing was over, Steve was helping me climb up the hill to my dorm. The dorm was up a VERY steep hill from the Institute building, and in the best of health it was a challenge, but rolling around full of root beer was NOT easy. I felt like I was being rolled up the hill.
Once I was safely in my room, Steve said good bye, and left.
Little did I know that my participating in that contest would win Steve's heart. I've often asked him when it was he fell in love with me and he attributes it to that night. He'd never before, in his life, heard a GIRL belch the way I did. He was beyond impressed, he was twitter-pated.

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