Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First LONG Sentence

Jake has been talking for QUITE a while now. He will babble until I think I'm going to go crazy. Mostly his babbles consist of people's names: "Tameron, Mama, Dada, Gampa, 'Mama, Tameron..." Mostly in THAT order too. He'll sometimes throw in small words like "tucky (truck)" or "milky!" But for the most part, his sentences are "Tameron?" "Milky, milky....PLEASE!" "Come on!" "'O-gut?" "Want Tackers (crackers)!"
Today, I made the boy lunch after his nap. I was cleaning up my mess and he said to me, "Mama? Tameron on bus, bye-bye?" (Rough translation: "Mama, Did Cameron go bye-bye on the bus?") I didn't over-react, but I did say, "Yes, Cameron went to school on the bus."
He seemed happy with that answer, and ate more of his lunch. Then he asked, "Bus come?"
I told him that no, the bus wasn't going to bring Cameron home, we were going to pick him up in the van. He looked at me and said, "Oh."
That was it, nothing HUGE, but for me, it's a new experience to have him SO vocal. Cameron was NOWHERE near this verbal until he was 3. Shows me more and more every day that my boys are SO different!


Rebekah said...

YAY! I envy you. Jonathan just throw tantrums until I can figure out what he wants. The days are longer than ever now. =P

Elena said...

It's SO nice when they can finally talk and express what they want instead of cry for it. And it's so fun to see their little thought processes.