Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cameron's First Pinewood Derby

For WEEKS we've worked on the design. I let Cameron pick whatever his heart desired, and he wanted a truck. We got it cut, sanded and painted. We waited until the last possible day to put the wheels on, because we knew that little boys would just LOVE to play with them.
Tonight we showed up, and found out that the car was WAY too light. We ended up with 12 or 13 pennies glued to the back....just to make weight.
It was a TON of fun. Cameron lost both of his races, but very much enjoyed watching the races.The boy who won had THE skinniest car....the second place, was a fat wedge. It just goes to show you, not EVERYTHING you hear is true.
Fun night, even Jake got a car.
The stage was THE place to play....until the leaders told the kids to get off.
In the end Cameron's car won the Muscle Car award, and he had a blast.
Now to convince someone to do a race among the adults. Now THAT would be a BLAST! :)


Deanna said...

Look at you...already getting pictures and all up!!!

I thought it was AWESOME the kids were staying on the stage...wish we could have just closed the curtains and let them all have at it! LOL!

Cameron did GREAT. I LOVED the pile of pennies in the truck awesome!

Hope you guys had fun! :) You know, it's pretty neat to watch these boys grow up...Cam, in addition to all the boys in the den, have some a long way. :) I love them all so much!!!

Deanna said...

have COME, not come, a long way. LOL!

Kim said...

So glad it turned out to be a fun night. I like Cam's 'truck'.