Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Now that our home is decorated for Christmas, I'm finding it difficult to keep a certain 18 month old child out of the pretty decorations.
The first night we had our nativity set out, Jake pointed to the pieces. He found a few that he liked and called our little lambs "doggies." I corrected him saying they were sheep, and he instantly repeated "sheep." Then I told him, "Those are pretties, don't touch, just look." Instantly we had a new word for the fun toys mom had set up. He poked all the little kings and said, "pwetty! PWETTY!!" The "pwetties" haven't been safe since.
He's also taken to throwing things INTO the tree, just to see what happens, and he loves grabbing the ornaments on the bottom of the tree and throwing them. (Thankfully, the hooks have been tightened and he can't pull them ALL off anymore...but for a few days it was NOT fun!)
Today, I realized that he's only little once, and it isn't SUCH a big deal that he likes to play with my nativity set, so I just let him play with them...as long as he doesn't throw them and break them. (They're not TOO breakable, but I'm sure Jake would find a way if he could...)
Tonight his favorite was the Baby Jesus. I told him, "Jake, that's the Baby Jesus. Can you give Baby Jesus a kiss?"
His response, a slobbery wet one, repeating, "Jesus!" And then a quick toss of the Baby Jesus on the floor.
Oh, joy!

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Rebekah said...

**gigglesnort** I love babies! Jake seems to have a wicked streak of humor. I don't know your hubby that well, but I'm assuming that comes from the Holverson side. Hee hee! =D