Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thankful November

Cameron has been playing on the VIP soccer league, and his final "game" was last night. I was really impressed with how much he's improved in the last 5 weeks. The first week he had NO idea what was going on, but he enjoyed playing with the ball and other kids. This week, he followed directions VERY well, and even did some amazing head bumps. SERIOUSLY!! He loved it, and played very well. I know he wouldn't have done as well, without the young kids who volunteered to work with these special little kids.
The kids who helped out, in most cases, weren't much older than the kids playing. They were only 12 or 13, but they were SO patient and caring. I am SO grateful to these young kids who spent their Monday nights helping out. These "helpers" were JUST fabulous, but I am also grateful for the coaches who volunteered to put the league together. It was a fun month and I know that I will always feel a special place in my heart for these amazing people who gave up some time for my little boy's happiness!

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