Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thankful November

Freedom and Those Who Sacrifice to Preserve That Freedom for Me
I didn't really PLAN on making today's post so appropriate to Veterans Day, but it just worked out that way.
I feel so incredibly grateful to those soldiers who fight to preserve our freedom, and I also feel deeply grateful to their families who sacrifice their time with their loved ones for MY rights.
Last night was a rough night for me. I was without my hubby and trying to deal with two little boys who do the things they normally do (whining, begging, screaming, disobeying....) and I lost it. I got frustrated and yelled and put them to bed quickly before I did something I regretted. I really missed having the support of Steve and wondered if he were to leave me to care for this family all by myself for a year, how would I survive. Then I thought of my friends who DO go without their husbands for long periods of time. The sacrifice is SO huge, and I feel like thanks is not adequate enough.
I've also been contemplating the shooting that happened last week and how these men and women sacrifice ALL the time, not just when they're at war.
We have so many servicemen and women that deserve our appreciation and respect, and I want to add my small thanks for their HUGE sacrifice for me to live the way I do.
Freedom is something that I also appreciate. Those men who fought for the declaration of independence and the constitution are men that I also feel indebted to. They worked to make this land a place where we have the right to do so MANY things. With all the recent changes that have been made, I feel like my freedom is getting smaller and smaller. I worry that we're giving up too much of our basic freedoms that the founding fathers fought SO hard for in order to have *peace.* (And with that *peace* I'm not entirely sure that's the word I'm looking for.)
I am grateful to live in a land that has so many freedoms, and I hold them SO SO SO sacred. We are so blessed.

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