Friday, September 25, 2009

New Dimple?

You remember the cheek situation, right?
Well, today I noticed that because of that little fatty cheek (probably a tumor, but who knows...) Cameron now has a dimple....where one wasn't before.
Before (about 2 months ago):
After (taken today):
What do YOU think?


The Grant Family said...

I would call the doctor again and ask...oh my goodness! Like I said before I will keep you in my prayers. Good luck!

Dawnyel said...

We're actually going to see the geneticist next month (actually, in a few weeks....) so I'm not TOO concerned about it at this point, but I WILL show him pictures to show him what's going on.
At this point, I'm PRETTY sure it is a tumor cluster that is typical of NF1. (If you want more information on NF1, you can click on my links in my sidebar.)

Elena said...

I think his dimple is adorable. As long as the tumor isn't causing pain or problems! :)