Saturday, August 08, 2009

Summertime Sickies?

Seems that the summertime sickies are here. (Good thing they came BEFORE school started...) It started last night with Jacob. The poor baby did NOT want to sleep. Since he's been cutting his teeth lately, I thought maybe he was still in pain from getting his eye-teeth (which are out it was a LITTLE suspect, but if he's in pain, what do I know?) So I took the poor boy downstairs (in an attempt to let Cameron and Steve sleep. Poor Steve had to work at 5:00 in the morning, and Cam's just a grump if HE doesn't get sleep....) I tried to give Jake some ibuprofen, but he turned away.
'That was odd,' I thought to myself. He LOVES his ibuprofen. Usually he CRIES when the medicine is gone. Often, he'll grab the bottle and whine for more. But he did NOT want it at all last night.
I finally got him to take some, but he still acted weird. He cuddled with me (okay, so my 'weird-ometer' should have been going crazy with THIS...he NEVER cuddles....except when he's sick.) I sat awake with the boy until 2:30 in the morning, finally falling asleep. When I went to lay him in his crib, he woke up a little, cried, then fell back to sleep.
This morning Cameron came into my room and said, "Jake pooped EVERYWHERE."
'EW!' I thought again, what is going on with that poor baby...
I go in to check on him, and it's not what Cam thought. Instead I discover that Jake has thrown up.
I clean up both boys and realize in the process that I'm not feeling so hot myself. NICE....whatever icky thing Jake had, I now have.
So Jake and I have spent the day alone (Cam went with my family to a family reunion I was going to go to.....thank you, family...) I'm feeling a BIT better, but Jake is feeling MUCH better. He's already gone into my kitchen several times and found food that he wants to eat.
Do you know how happy chocolate chips make a baby??
So I'm HOPING that the ickies will go away soon. I'm not going to cancel anything else, but I am HOPING that things turn around soon.

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