Monday, July 13, 2009

Camping Highlights

  • We left "early Friday morning," because both my dad and husband were working late Thursday night. Steve and I ended up doing a BUNCH of errands before we left. (Turning in rent, buying earthworms for fishing, getting Cam's meds refilled....we left around noon.)
  • Met up at the campground with my aunts and eventually was joined by a couple of my uncles. TOTAL family get-together!!
  • The first day was GORGEOUS!! It was comfortable enough that I could nap INSIDE my tent. After my nap, I noticed my inflatable mattress (which is 2 tiered, so is pretty high off the ground) was going flat. There was a leak somewhere that we couldn't find.
  • That night we slowly sank to the ground on the mattress. By morning, we found rocks that our hips were laying on. NOT fun. All night long I dreamed of buying a new mattress.
  • Saturday I took a trip, nearly ALL the way home, to buy a new mattress. I was NOT going to spend another night ON rocks.
  • Watched Cam ride his bike over and over. He had a BALL, but by the end of the trip was covered in dust and dirt.
  • Watched Jake eat rocks and other yucky things on the ground. A little dirt never hurt anyone, right?
  • That night had a HUGE family dinner that was SO yummy (our family's traditional Dutch oven fried chicken, and stewed potatoes). In the middle of the meal got a surprise phone call (yeah, we still had cell service where we were camped!) from one of my online friends.
  • Her innocent question sparked a friendly family fight. It wouldn't be a family camp out without one of those!
  • Family fight was ended by my brother looking up the information on his iPhone. YAY for Internet intervention! :)
  • Slept MUCH better that night on the new mattress....just had Jake waking up constantly.
  • Jake was teething most of the time...he's STILL teething....
  • Packed up quickly Sunday morning to come home before check-out time. (Noon is a LITTLE early in my opinion, but what do I know?!)
  • Had fun! A few mosquito bites (but really, the bugs weren't TOO bad), we're all a little pink in the face, the tub was disgustingly dirty after our baths, house is a bit of a disaster area since we came home and dropped everything....but we had a GREAT weekend!!

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Jewelle said...

Sounds like a great weekend, --minus the mattress! I miss camping!