Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rogue Father and Son Camp-out

This year's father and son camp-out was cancelled last minute due to all the rain we've had lately. I guess the place was a swamp, and they decided they didn't want to lose any boys in the mud.
Some of the men decided that since they weren't sure they could get the next actual father and son camp-out off from work, they'd find another place and go this weekend anyway. Steve was among those rogue men. So he took Cameron and my friend's son. These two are inseparable.
From what I heard it was lots of fun, a little wet, and sort of cold.
The boys got to ride on a trailer being towed by a four-wheeler (I was assured the 4-wheeler went slow so that the boys didn't fall off.)
I know I quite enjoyed the time off from the oldest child bullying the younger one. In fact, Jake fell asleep last night after crying for only 30 seconds instead of the 30 minutes he usually cries when Cameron is here. He even slept in this morning and I did too. QUITE a different child without being bothered by Cameron.
All in all, it was fun for both sides. I hope that they can go to the ACTUAL outing when they plan it again.


Britton said...

I like these photos. Kenneth had fun, he was non stop talking about it. Thanks again for letting him join your guys. Janet

Brittney Deanne said...

That is cute. I want to come camping with you guys in July!

Melzie said...

i'm so sick of rain!! ugh, LOL! :)