Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rain, Rain, Rain, Hail

Today was um, FUN!?
This morning I realized that I spend WAY too much of my boys' awake time on the computer playing games and just being with my online friends, so I've decided that I will now only be online when the boys are sleeping. It cuts back on my usual time, but I'm SURE it will end up being a good thing. I won't just be there physically for my family, I will really BE there for them.
I decided that since Cam's developmental therapy place is just across the street from his school we'd walk, everyday. No biggie, it's MAYBE a 1/4 mile each way. Really, NO BIG DEAL! I would put Jake in the stroller, and get some exercise. It will end up being GOOD for me.
On the way to the Learning Center it was nice and pleasant. Cam was nervous about being left there (because he's in the new place...for the older kids), but quickly warmed up once we got there. On the way out the door, one of the little boys from his class walked up, knowing who I am said, "Cameron, here?" I said, "Yup, Cameron's in there." His face lit right up.
I went home and watched cartoons with Jake, then I decided to watch "mommy" shows....well, I hear NO noise, no banging pots, no toys, not even Jake's normal babble. I get up and look in the kitchen, no baby. I didn't put up the baby-gate, so I check the stairs, he is 3 steps from the TOP of the stairs!! I grab him, drag him down the stairs and quickly put up the baby-gate.
After watching my show for another 10 minutes while hearing the twang of Jake flipping the door-stop, it's silent. I peek around the corner and Jake is passed-out asleep in front of the door. I was tired myself, so I take him upstairs and we both nap for an hour-ish, and then it's time to pick Cameron up.
I get Jake buckled in the stroller, put his jacket on, slip my jacket on and as we leave the rain is just BEGINNING to fall. By the time I got to the Learning Center it's raining HARD!! Inter-mixed with hail. We walk in, get Cam, I warn him that it's raining...and then we leave.
Facing the opposite direction the rain/hail is bouncing off the little tray on the stroller and is pelting Jacob in the face. He's bawling, Cam's complaining, my glasses are so wet I cannot SEE. (We were QUITE the sight, I'm sure!)
I turn the stroller backward and try to pull it home, but the dang thing had a mind of it's own and did NOT want to go in a straight line. At the corner, flooding has started. There is, easily, 3 inches of water in a giant puddle on both sides of the street. Cam had worn his crocks, and complained, "Mom, I should have worn my tennis shoes, huh!?"
We hurry across the street and slow down a little because the water isn't pelting poor Jake. (We are JUST a street away from being home...)
A sweet lady in my ward drove us home. (Yes, it was just a street away, but it was a NICE thing!) When we get to the house, the rain stopped. Just my luck, right!?
We spent the day wet and trying to get dry. But it was good to spend time with the boys. I KNOW Cam liked it! I just hope over the summer I don't go crazy!


Jewelle said...

I think a lot of ladies have been reevaluating how much time they are on the computer. Sleep time is the only time I got on as well. It has really been good for me and the girls. I got more chores done, and they enjoy helping me ;) We also play more which equals happier kids. I'm sure things will turn out that way for you too!

CareBearMommy said...

That was nice of that lady to give you and your boys a ride home. I have to smile about the rain letting up when you got home, though.

I will be re-evaluating my time on the computer as well. It doesn't help, though, that I just got a tiny new laptop that I can use (like I am right now) while sitting on the couch watching a movie with the kids.