Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers' Day

I had a wonderful Mothers' Day. Steve gave me a fun card (that sings Rascal Flatt's song Melt), a book about mother's of prophets and a beautiful set of earrings. I was happy to get the earrings because I was going to wear them to church with a necklace that Cameron had made for me at scouts. (With my mom's ward, not ours.) Then came Cam's present to me.
He had been with my mom on Saturday and was sneaking around to keep me from seeing his "present" for me. He really didn't need to worry, I've gotten to the point that I don't really care if someone says, "Oh, I've got a surprise/gift for you, and you REALLY want to know what it is, right??" Usually I'm pretty content to just wait until I get it.
He pulled out a red box with a black bow on it. It was a set of earrings and a HUGE necklace. The earrings were butterflies and the necklace was a flower. Now, anyone who knows me KNOWS I do NOT do necklaces. I like them, they're pretty, but I can never find one that's long enough to go around my neck, and is complimentary to my personality. I just KNEW that I could NOT disappoint my excited boy. He was really excited to see his mom wear the present he had picked out specifically for me. So I wore it. And surprisingly the necklace fit fine around my fat neck. And I think I looked pretty cute. (Gaudy jewelry and all!)
That evening I was at my own mom's house calling my youngest brother who's on his mission to the Philippines. He'd told me in a previous email that he was nervous about calling because he was afraid he'd be homesick. Thankfully, that wasn't the case. BUT we had a hard time communicating with him. His English was halting and he couldn't quite think of things to say. He's doing well, and is excited to be transferred from the office (he hopes!) And for some reason, in my weekly emails to him, I'd neglected to tell him about Cameron and the pretzel. I told him the story and he was laughing SO hard. I guess I really should remember the funny, quirky things that my kids do, so I can make him laugh like that at least once a week.
Overall it was a VERY nice day, and I'm glad to have such good kids and a WONDERFUL mother.

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