Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I've Been Thinking....

...a little about high school. Not that I'd EVER want to go back, but I'm having some good times remembering myself when I was in high school.
I ran around with a small group of friends, and I'd like to think that we were close. (Not that I REALLY remember ANY big blow-ups, but that we were pretty good friends.) We were by no means popular, but I don't really think we were UNpopular either. Maybe you'd consider us the religious crowd, or maybe even the smart kids. Most of us were in at least ONE AP or honors class, and we were even in the honor society. We had some who were in choir, some who played in band, and some who just studied their little eyes out. For the most part, we were VERY good kids.
The thing that made us different was the fact that we called ourselves Neptunians. Honestly, I don't remember exactly how the whole concept came together, I just know that each of us were from Neptune and that we were here to help take over the world. We each had a nickname, and we used our imaginations often.
We made lots of movies starring ourselves and our little mascot, the Super Wonder Whooper. The Super Wonder Whooper was a cow. He wore a cape, and he was cute. In our movies we'd act out random things: a dating show, the killing of Julius Caesar (aka Super Wonder Whooper), and other things that popped into our heads. We were happy, weird, but happy.
Sometimes when we got together we'd sit around and just talk about whatever was on our mind, and I know of a few times that we'd have a spontaneous testimony meeting/singing time.
I don't miss high school, but I do miss the close group of girls that I hung out with. For the most part, I have kept in contact with them all, but not nearly as much as I would have thought.
You may know some of my friends. Carrie (aka Loogie), Joanie (aka Psycho), Kathrine (aka Aids), Ellen (aka Slither), Lynette, Kim (aka Beaker), Tamara (aka Wierdo).
Love you guys, please forgive me for posting these pictures, but I had to keep them in my journal.

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