Sunday, May 17, 2009

Feeling Manly

Today Steve noticed we had a flat tire. (Thankfully we were parked somewhere and not ON the road.) He sighed and pointed it out to me. Because it's Sunday, I was wearing a dress, but I got over that one, and went over to help him.
He'd emptied the trunk (which was FULL of stuff) and found our donut and jack. He couldn't quite figure things out, so I started playing. I twisted the knob and found out that if I lifted it enough, the little side fell off, and that was our wrench.
Long story short, I helped Steve change the tire, and I feel REALLY good about myself. I've NEVER changed my own flat tires before, and now I'm more educated.
YAY for accomplishing new things!


Rebekah said...

One small step for womankind..

Elena said...

What would they do without us? Good for you!

cressfamily said...

good for you... you go girl