Friday, March 27, 2009

Summing Up

Spring break officially ends on Monday when Cameron can go back to school. Both of us are thrilled. It's been a VERY long, yet short week.
I'm glad it's done, because I want to still love my child after this is over.
Am I the only one who gets tired of having a bored child ask me what's going to happen next? How about the only one who tells the child he's NOT in charge and to leave the baby alone? It's when Cameron's at school that Jake can actually do his own thing and just be ALONE!
Just a few more days....Spring break MIGHT have been a little more enjoyable if it hadn't snowed so dang much! *grumble*

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Mattsmom said...

Spring Break can be fun. School is one of the only times that Sadie gets some peace in her life. Having him home all week next week is going to be interesting.