Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gone With The WInd??

The last few days the wind has just been HOWLING here. When I was younger I absolutely LOVED the wind. I would lean into it and just let it hold me up. (Mind you, I was MANY MANY pounds lighter, and very innocent about falling flat on my face if the wind just happened to shift.)
Now I'm older, and I'm usually carrying a baby in it. I have to admit, I don't love the wind so much anymore.
Today when I went to the school to pick Cameron up, the wind was SO fierce that it took Jake's breath away when I took him OUT of the van. He was sucking air until we got inside out of the gusts.
Then on the way home from therapy it, again, sucked out the child's air. He was struggling until I got him buckled in the car seat. Once we got home, I finagled it so that I had the door unlocked and ready to just hurry my boys into the house and out of the wind. Wouldn't you know it, Jake was asleep. He'd been fighting his nap ALL day long, so I really didn't want him to wake up, but once we left the car mean Mr. Wind sucked the air away again.
My poor baby is now WIDE awake, jumping around, being silly, and his nap is GONE with the wind. *sigh*
This wind is so terrible. It's making a normally beautiful day FREEZING! And our heat is on the fritz. And the Landlord said he would come and fix it TOMORROW....extra blankies for US! :S

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Jewelle said...

That is interesting that it sucks the air out of Jake. Allie just blinks her eyes as bunch. Stay warm tonight!