Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Binkie Weaning: Day 2

Nap times for the past few days have been a LITTLE rough, but nothing too hard to handle. Although I was tempted to just get the dang thing and plug his mouth so he'd stop squirming so much. Eventually, after many position shifts and lots of calming and soothing naps DID happen.
One thing I've noticed Jake doing more is babbling. He's SO noisy! I never realized it before because he had his mouth plugged up with the binkie. Family Home Evening last night was so hard to hear! The kid was constantly "BUH buh BUHHHH!! Ma-ma DAAAAAAA!! Guuuh!! Mama!!" At one point, after throwing something on the floor, he babbled a bit and then yelled, "MAMA!!" I guess that was MY cue to pick it up for him! *eye roll*
Anyway, he's also learning to spit with his tongue. He's getting pretty good at it too. Cameron's never gotten that down...and it's an important developmental step for speaking. (NO, seriously!!) He's just a cute, ENERGETIC boy!

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Rebekah said...

I'm here in Idaho and I'm dying to see you and meet your little angel. Would Thursday work for you?
If it does, let me know by leaving a note on my latest blog entry. Pictures must ensue!!!