Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Sometimes I should just keep my mouth shut!
Last night my little Jake was miserable. He wouldn't eat for very long, he'd sit straight up in my lap....and if you've read my nipple post, you know that isn't real conducive for nursing. I got fed up with him starting and then stopping so I just pumped....which is SO annoying, but I guess necessary sometimes.
All night long the boy was yanking something fierce on his ears, by the time I noticed his misery, the doctor's office was closed. I was pretty bummed. So I just gave the kid some pain relievers and hoped he'd be okay until morning.
He was up quite a bit last night just sobbing. I tried to cuddle him, but he just didn't want anything to do with me.
So early this morning (well, once the doctor's office opened) I called and got him an appointment. They ushered us back quickly in case the kid was contagious, and then we waited and waited. I was actually pretty excited to learn that I got my regular doctor (he's got 8 or 9 other doctors that he's in the office with, so you KNOW that's lucky!) We weighed the boy (he's now officially 20 pounds.) and waited for Dr. O to see us.
The doctor did his regular suspects, asking questions along the way and discovered that the boy didn't have an ear infection (*whew*) but a "moderate sore throat." He told me that *normally* they don't test infants under 1 for strep UNLESS they have older siblings. Guess who had to go to the lab for a strep swab? UGH!
Anyway, the fun part (if there is a *fun* part) was that I got to see a family friend and visit with her for while we waited for the results. The nurses even joked around with us.
After the wait we were relieved to find that we were negative for strep. It's just a typical sore throat. (Um, yay!?)
So the doctor urged me to push liquids on the kid in the form of juices, Popsicles, sherbet, and cold pudding. He's worried that since he's not eating normally, that he'll dehydrate...I'm worried I'll lose my milk.
Anyway, he's not completely healed, but we're on our way....I hope! *crossing fingers*


The Cook Clan said...

Poor kiddo, that sounds miserable! You guys got lucky with the ear infections. Bad part is that if it was that that you could fix it with meds. Now you just have to wait it out. Bummer dude! Good luck!

Deanna said...

The best part about breastfeeding is it's pretty inexpensive...until it dries up and goes away! ARRGH! Formula is WAY too expensive....okay, maybe not, considering, but still....Good luck!

Mattsmom said...

Poor kid. That can't be any fun.
Hopefully he starts eating well again soon so your milk suply doesn't fall to much.

cressfamily said...

that really sucks. make the breast pump your friend that will help kep your milk supply in.