Monday, December 29, 2008

Post Holiday Blah....

Christmas was VERY fun and wonderful for our family. Christmas Eve Steve's brother and girlfriend came to visit and see the cool Christmas lights here. Then we vegged out at home Christmas morning until Cam was played out (Jake totally LOVED the wrapping paper WAY more than any of the toys he got...) and then we spent the afternoon/evening at my parents' house.
Cameron got everything he wanted, except more presents. And Jake was happy just getting wrapped up boxes. Honestly, I think the boys were very SPOILED this Christmas and will not need so many things NEXT year! ;)
Now we're done with the Christmas stuff. The carols aren't playing on the radio any more, the tree has been taken down and boxed up for next year (Jake was rolling under the tree pulling things off INCLUDING branches...and we have a fake tree!) and the snow is beginning to get old. Cam asks me constantly whether he can go back to school yet, and I tell him, "Only one more week...." He has been counting down! Silly boy!
I know the next holiday is New Year's, but really, I won't have my honey around. And I'm VERY bummed out about it. He has to close both days and I won't see him unless I stare at him while he sleeps.
But I guess things could always be worse. The kids are healthy, I'm healthy and we're surviving. But I do miss the anticipation that Christmas brings!
(And just for your information, I DO have pictures of the boys with Christmassy things, but I forgot to bring my camera with me....SORRY! Those should follow shortly, I hope!)


Mattsmom said...

I am glad that things were wonderful!
I am NOT sick of the snow yet...give me a month and I will be. I was really sad to see it melting today.

The Cook Clan said...

Sounds like your family had a great Christmas. I wished Michelle would have called me back while I was up there. All of us girls got together for lunch. That punk!

Diana - Teacher Mom said...

I know what you mean about missing the anticipation. But boy, did my kids ever get spoiled. So much so that I felt sick to my stomach. It was almost wrong!