Monday, December 08, 2008


I've been having SUPER vivid dreams lately. They're totally random too. Let me share! :)
A few nights ago I had a dream that I was helping the Obamas move into the White House. (Don't know WHY they'd pick me, I can't even decorate my own house decently!) My friend was with me too. Michelle Obama had decided that because the country was in a recession that they were going to make do with all of the old furniture that was currently in the building. And apparently in my dreams the Bushes are SUPER destructive people, because everything was in some state of disrepair. We were walking through the living room trying out special couch cover that was red, white and blue with a teal ruffle. (Yeah, see, you DON'T want me decorating your house, now do you!?) We were trying to get this all figured out now and we discovered holes in the couch covers. I think my friend mentioned that we should just leave the couches as they were, but I pointed out some huge chunks of foam that was missing from the very 70-ish GOLD couches.
In the end my dream was pretty good. It just stopped, mostly because I had to feed a whimpering baby, but my overall opinion of the Obamas (in my dream) was that they were very thrifty and nice. It was like they were my best friends. (I know....I'm CRAZY!!!!)
The other dream I had was last night. I dreamed that I went to rent a video from a video store just down the street from where my husband works. (Not that we even RENT movies anymore, but you know, it must have been a movie that we just HAD to see!) Anyway, I was without Steve and had both boys with me. I was supposed to take Jacob to his doctor's appointment (which he really had today) and I was going to just get this before I went to the office. While I was getting the movies, some masked men came inside wielding guns to rob the place. I threw myself onto the floor covering the boys with my body and was terrified. The men walked past us just as my cell phone rang. And according to the ring it was Steve. I grabbed the phone to silence it, but the men held the gun to my head and demanded that I give them the phone, which I did.
After they were done, which was pretty fast, I stood up to leave and noticed that I was late for the doctor. I was grabbing other people's phones to call so I could keep my appointment time, but I couldn't remember the phone number.
Yes, I've been having weird dreams....I wonder if it was something I've been eating!?
And as a quick update on Jake's progress, he now weighs 19 pounds 7 ounces and is about the same height. (They said that they can't get an accurate measurement when the kids are he may be more...) He's doing well and the doctor had no concerns.
Both boys DID have to get shots for mama?? Actually, not too bad. Cameron freaked out and cried longer than Jake did (who was done second...) Both boys seem content and happy now, 3 hours later! Thank heaven!


Kim said...

Your dreams always make me chuckle! I have been lucky lately and don't remember my dreams when I wake up. Glad the boys are doing well now despite their shots.

Elena said...

I LOVED that first dream. So hysterical! Sorry to hear about the shots, those are never fun for anyone.