Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dear Santa....for Adults

So I've been thinking about what we could ask Santa for....if he could truly give us what we REALLY want. Here's my list. Enjoy.
  • Bills paid in full. (Wouldn't THAT be nice!?)
  • Happy, HEALTHY children.
  • Peace....not just on Earth, but in my home too.
  • Calorie Free chocolate.
  • Housekeeper....FREE of charge! ;)
  • If I can't have a housekeeper, then a self-cleaning bathroom. (Bathrooms are my WORST chore! BLECH!)
  • A working computer at my house. (Have I mentioned that I really REALLY miss my computer?)
  • A piano.
  • A home of my own that I can afford.
  • No more PMS, please!
  • Obedient Children.
  • A full night's sleep.
  • A skinny body! ;)
  • Happiness.

So if you could ask Santa for ANYTHING and get it, what would YOU ask for!?


Deanna said...

Complete patience with my boys (hubby included) and all the knowledge that I need to raise my children...the right way...without making mistakes. That's what i'd ask for!

Elena said...

Oh yes, self cleaning bathroom and kitchen for sure. How about a wardrobe that actually fits, is up to date, and makes me look 10 lbs lighter. Oooo and shoes to match. I'd take some non disappearing cash in my wallet too. Fun list. :)

cressfamily said...

I would have to agree on the bathrooms. Then All bills paid off, Kids that always listened the first time instead me having to yell at them, There are just too many to name.

onescrappygal said...

I'd ask for help for Alex. That's all I want. That he be verbal and just like other little kids his age. That'd be the best gift ever...