Friday, November 28, 2008

'Tis the Season

Turkey day is over, and once that happens we pull out the Christmas decor and deck the halls. Our house is now Christmas-ready. Not that EVERYTHING is in place, but for the most part we're done. I was even so "in the mood" that I stayed up a while last night wrapping presents that I'd had stashed away since the beginning of October.
The only gifts left to get are for Jake (more clothes, now that we have an idea what size he'll be next month) and something for my parents.
I love the fact that now it's legal for me to listen to Christmas music without getting the stink-eye from those who don't love mixing Christmas with Thanksgiving. In fact, I'm just glad it's getting closer.
My only worry for this year is Jake versus the tree. He's not quite crawling yet, but he's awfully close. He does this little back scoot thing where he can move around on his back, (creating a bald spot on the back of his head where the hair had finally come back) and goes in ONE direction. I can spin him around to make him go the opposite way, but sometimes I let him squawk when he hits a couch with his head. He's also just recently learned to roll from his back to his belly....but he's seem to have forgotten how to roll from his belly to his back. So he'll get "stuck" on his belly and will squawk and get frustrated. So with his new skills, I'm afraid he'll pull stuff off the tree, or worse, pull the tree and hurt himself. I did some preventative things, like putting the ornaments higher up on the tree, but I'm sure he'll still find a way to get into stuff. I've also stuffed the newly wrapped presents at the back of the tree, hoping he won't be able to unwrap or otherwise mess up the presents.
But I guess if he does I will just have to teach him like I've done with everything else....
'Tis the season for more stress, right? ;)

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Mattsmom said...

Hmmm. I hope it isn't the season for more stress. I guess there are few things that could bring stress...but I hope that the glow of the lights in a darkened room while the house is silent will calm the craze, and bring peace to the season for you rather than stress!