Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Where Did I LOSE Two Months?

Yesterday was Jake's 2 month check-up. Honestly, the time has gone by SO quickly! (In fact, I'm STILL trying to figure out where the whole last year disappeared to!)
Now, I know that my baby is a big boy. He even thinks he's a big boy with trying to sit up and stand on his own. I'll try to tell him that he's just not old enough for those kinds of things yet, but he just laughs at me.
Anyway, my *little* baby is a whole 14 pounds now! He's only 23-23 1/2 inches depending on where you measure him, but he's just a CHUNK!
He took the whole doctor's appointment pretty well, until it was time for the shots.
This time around I was told there is a vaccine that they take by mouth. (Really?) And then he'd have to have several other shots lumped together.
I'm not one of those moms who's against immunizations, but why do there have to be SO many needles?? I mean, if they can combine a few of the vaccines together, why not lump them ALL into one big syringe? Why shoot my baby up three times? (On top of the one that he had to swallow?)
The poor kid screamed for a few minutes (in fact, his whole head turned a pretty shade of red) then he was pretty laid back and just kind of whimpered through the rest of the day. I tried to keep him up on top of his pain killers, but that just made the poor guy punch-drunk.
All in all it was worth it. He slept through most of the day yesterday, not eating much (ouchy for ME), but he only really screamed a few times. This morning he's ALL smiles and ready to play.
But if anyone can find where my last year disappeared to, please let me know!


Elena said...

I hate those darn shots. Why DO there have to be so many? And if you find your last year, check to see if mine is hanging around near by.

Mattsmom said...

I really have no idea where the last year went. It seems like life a year ago was a whole world ago...and yet its passing was but a fleeting moment. Last year at this time Sadie was just 6 months old. I had NO intentions of having another baby this year, we were just finishing up an exterior home remodel, and we had hopes and dreams and plans to stay here forever. Our lives look NOTHING like they did last year.

Anne/kq said...

I know just how you feel!