Monday, August 25, 2008


Things are happening in my life, but I just don't feel the inspiration to write them. UGH! It's so bad that I don't know what to write to my little brother in my weekly emails to him.
I guess no inspiration is better than BAD inspiration, right?!
Anyone got something to inspire me? A topic you're curious about, maybe?


KAT said...

Do you collect anything? And why did you chose to collect that particular thing? Can we see pictures and hear a few stories of times when you acquired some special pieces of your collection.

Amy said...

Having a blog slump, eh? Well it happens. I started blogging in '05 kept up with it great in '06 (had a surprise pg to blog about LOL) and '07 wasn't that great of a year, or I just got lazy. Now I'm back in the swing of things LOL

Melzie said...

Ummm.. do some of the things out there.. menu mondays (or monday memories) Wordless wednesdays, thursday 13... stuff to get you going again.


Or, yell at me for thinking about calling you while we spent 4 hours in IDF on Sunday... *sigh* My feet hurt so bad, and I was cranky. It's my excuse.

Dawnyel said...

YOU DIDN'T CALL ME?!! Sheesh, maybe you don't love me anymore! :(

Anne/kq said...

You know, I felt this way until my baby was about, oh, almost 4 months old... Give it time, it'll come back.