Monday, July 14, 2008


We're slowly getting back to "normal."
I now see my Grandpa a LOT more than I used to. He's so lost and so confused now that he has to have supervision 24/7. (Which usually means he's at my mom's house.) The poor guy has days where he is pretty lucid and remembers things better, and he has days when he doesn't remember anything! Yesterday he asked me 20 times within a 10 minute span where Grandma was. I would tell him that she'd died, and he'd say, "Oh, I thought so, my brain is so confused that I just couldn't remember." Our computer was out of commission for a week....hence the reason I had the SAME stinkin' post up for a whole week. Now, with the new fix on the computer, things are going as well, or better than they did before...we just have to reload everything we had on before!
The baby has decided that he's constantly hungry, meaning that my boob is exposed to the world on a constant basis. To me, it's no big deal...that's how my son gets his nutrition, but other people don't quite see it the way I do. I actually was nursing Jake at Walmart today while waiting for Steve to get his hair cut. You should have SEEN some of the looks people gave me as they walked past. And it wasn't like I was totally nude....I was completely covered! Sheesh, people, get OVER it!
We've also hit prime vacation season around here. People are either coming to see us, or we're preparing to see other people. This weekend I'm going camping with my parents and aunt's family. Steve would join us, except he's saving his vacation days for when we venture to Arizona in a few weeks. Poor Cam is constantly asking whether he'll get to go to the Learning Center or therapy....some days we just don't know for sure.
We had a fun inspection today. (You can imagine that last sentence read with total and complete sarcasm!) Our landlord decided that today was the day to water the lawn for an extra 15 minutes, which means our garage/basement flooded. And all right before the inspector guy came. Uh, can we say winners in the brain department? :P
I do have a random question though....anyone have theories about "orbs" in pictures? At the luncheon following the funeral last Wednesday we were taking many group pictures in the gym. Now, we'd been taking photos all weekend long, and hadn't had any problems with the previous pictures, but on Wednesday....
Well, we had pictures like this: (which is a picture of my mom's family....all 12 siblings and their spouses....)
Can you see the orbs floating around?? Do you think it's supernatural, or just floating dust?? And just so you know, it wasn't just on our camera either....many many cameras had these floating spots on the pictures. Either way, we're all fascinated by these "orbs" here in my world!
Life should fall into a predictable pattern soon....I'm just trying to adjust for now!


Anne/kq said...

I'm of the opinion that the "orbs" are what the Ghost Hunters would call "light artifacts." (That show is frickin' hilarious!!!) I'm a believer in the supernatural-- but I think there was just some refraction going on where the picture was taken, probably from dust or other particles in the air. :)

Cute baby pic!!! Glad you're back, compy trouble sucks!!!

Oh, and I hate people who are rude about breastfeeding. Get over it, folks. That's how babies eat.

Mattsmom said...

So sad to hear about your Grandpa. That really must be so difficult.

Usually "orbs" are a refraction caused by light hitting the camera lens at an odd angle. Usually caused by a reflection or dust in the air. Kinda weird though.

I am glad things are starting to get kinda normal again for y'all.

Elena said...

Alright, I'm not believer in the orb stuff, but it does kinda make you wonder eh? That's pretty cool. And your mom is going to have a huge mansion in heaven with all her willingness to help your grandpa and uncle out.

Kim said...

So, I guess I am just a weirdo since everyone else who had commented looks at orbs at a logical sense, but you and I both know how illogical I can be! :) I think it depends on what the picture is of and who is in it, actually. I only saw one really big orb in the picture in the upper left hand side. It would be cool to think that our loved ones still try to make themselves seen to us in various ways, however they choose to do so. I'm going to try and go camping this weekend too! :) Where are you guys going to be?

onescrappygal said...

My aunt died recently... a few weeks ago. The next day, a photo was taken of my baby with a little friend. There is an orb floating over them. I like to think it was her stopping by one last time before crossing over... she was in love with the little guy.

CareBearMommy said...

I hate computer problems... dang cows! I'm glad your computer is fixed, for now. That is so sad about your grandpa. Looking at that picture of him at the funeral reminds me of pics of Kelly's grandpa at his grandma's funeral (he died just six weeks later).

And Jacob is changing soo much... waaaaay cute!