Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Did You Know....

There are things that I'm slowly re-learning with this baby...for those of you who are as clueless as I was, allow me to share some of my new found knowledge.
  • Breast tissue extends to your back and underneath your armpits. Yeah, sore boobies are here! :P (Sometimes I just wish Jakers would drink just a little bit more!)
  • Babies poop....A LOT!! I swear, I get one poopy diaper changed and there's another waiting.
  • Big brothers can be helpful, sometimes TOO helpful. Cameron is always asking if he can hold his brother, I'd LOVE to let him, but most of the time when he asks when I'm being used as a human binkie!
  • Sleep is a luxury. Get it while you can! (Why didn't my body allow me this luxury when I was still pregnant?!)
  • Breastfeeding is wonderful....if the baby cooperates! Mr. Jakey loves to latch on and then pull off again. Super frustrating when my boobs are full and in desperate need of draining.
  • I know they say babies don't smile, they "have gas," but gosh darn it....those sleeping smiles are just TOO dang cute!
  • People who see your new baby will play a game I like to refer to as "Who's body parts are whose?" Most people will look at Jake and say, "Oh, my goodness, he looks just like his mama!" But we got quite the shock on Fathers' Day when one of my cousins looked at him and said, "I see STEVE!" So far, Jake has his daddy's chin, dimples, curved ears, and pretty, long eyelashes. The rest of him?? Well, the general consensus still says me.
  • Socks are NOT made for baby feet. Seriously, why won't they just stay on?
  • People who saw you over and over during your pregnancy will comment on how GREAT you look post-pregnancy....leaving you to wonder how seriously crappy you looked while carrying this child!

Sleep deprivation is here, but I'm still completely in love with my boys. (Yes, ALL three of them!) My family constantly competes over who gets to hold the baby, and I'm surviving....


The Jones Family said...

So funny! I am sure I will be "relearning" all of this soon. I think the funniest comment though was about how crappy you looked while pregnant. I haven't seen you since you had the baby, but trust me, you didn't look "crappy" while you were pregnant!

Amy said...

well it all sounds wonderful (well except for the sore boobies LOL) Glad e/o is so in love with your little one.

Elena said...

Those are funny! And for the record, I see you in little Jacob. Best luck at getting some sleep. That's the toughest part, trying to enjoy that tiny new baby when you're dead dog tired.

Sketchy said...


PS: My thoughts on the sleep thing is that while you are pregnant it is amazing training for when you have a newborn. You've had a few months to get somewhat used to not having a good night's sleep.