Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Newest Member of Our Family

It's been a while since I decided to give up. Maybe not long enough though.
Steve had been telling me for a while that he's wanted a dog for his birthday. Initially I said NO! After the kitty problems at Christmas-time I was not prepared mentally for a pet. Then I started looking at dogs online and thought, "why not." (Sometimes I wonder why I think like this...)
Anyway, my brother called me one night and asked if we wanted a dog. I told him that we might, but Steve should approve it, since it would be HIS birthday present. My brother took the dog over to Steve (who was working at the time) and Steve fell instantly in love. He brought the dog home that night (around 3 was a VERY long night.) 
In the last month we've had quite an adventure. We went through many names before settling on Rusty. He is named that because he has rust colored spots on his face and legs. 
The boys love him. The first thing they do when we come home is run to the back door and ask Rusty if he missed them. The dog reciprocates by jumping on them and whining or barking. After one day the dog had officially accepted us as his people. He loves the boys (which is HUGE, since they're not always nice to him) and he REALLY loves me. The sad part is that he doesn't love Steve as much. 
Right now the dog is going through puppy acts and teething. He bites and chews on nearly everything. Just today I found a Nerf football SHREDDED under the computer desk. I have plenty of dog toys and raw hides for the dog, but he prefers Jake's toys. 
He is a fun dog, but not quite as bright as he could be....
We love our newest member of the family. 

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