Thursday, April 12, 2012


We've had an adventure today already....and it's only 9:30. 
I woke up a little earlier than I usually do and went upstairs. Cameron got ready and the morning started pretty typical. Then when Cameron was dressed, he came into the family room and said, "Mom, I keep hearing meowing." 
 I said, "Oh, it's probably outside...." and then I heard it.
It was in my house. 
I listened to figure out where it was, and once I opened up my fireplace insert, I knew. The cat was stuck IN my chimney on top of my insert. 
I have to admit, I freaked out a bit. The boys were cooing to the cat while simultaneously asking if we could keep the cat. I didn't know what to do or who to call. 
I went and woke up Steve. I told him there was a cat stuck in the chimney, and asked him what we should do. He groaned and I told him, "No, really....there's a cat stuck in the chimney." 
I immediately got on Facebook, asking for advice. Someone suggested that we call the non-emergency police or animal control. Well, I decided to call the police and then maybe THEY would direct me where to go. It turns out our local non-emergency number is also animal control. The dispatcher promised to find someone to come out. 
About a half hour later (Steve had been working on getting the cat out the whole time...) animal control arrived. Jake instantly hugged the man, I'm sure it was because he knew he'd save the kitty. 
Then they went to work. 
Mr. Animal Control had a 6 foot long noose stick that he tried to grab the cat with, but it wasn't long enough. He called for the longer stick. 
At this point, Cameron was gone to school, and we had 3 people working on the problem. I called my mom and asked to borrow a drill of some sort in case we needed to remove our insert to save the cat. My brother had something, and I left to get it. 
When I came home, Animal control was gone, and the cat was out. We had thought that it was a kitten that had gotten stuck, but it was a full-grown fluffy, gray cat. The cat had a collar, so it has an owner....
I was told once the cat got out that it wanted to run. (Who could blame him?) 
We now need to get some chicken wire and cover our chimneys, otherwise this will happen to us, again!!! 

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