Tuesday, October 04, 2011

My Momaversary

Tonight I've been reflecting on where I was 11 years ago. I was laying in a hospital bed, anxious for the birth of my first child. I was having blood pressure complications, and was nervous about everything that was going on.
I was so anxious that my nurse (who happened to be a good family friend) gave me a shot of morphine to help me relax. The night seemed to drag by. At that point, I had been pregnant for 3 years....or that's how it felt.
Little did I know the excitement that was awaiting me the next day. Loss of heart-beat, drop in blood pressure and an emergency c-section later I was a mom.
It hasn't been ANYTHING like I had imagined, but it's been the most wonderful, exciting, scary, frustrating adventure I've EVER been on.
Happy birthday, Cam. I can't believe you're SO old.


Deanna said...

Happy Birthday, buddy!!!

Did you get the envelope I shoved in your door? :)

Dawnyel said...

Deanna, got it! :)

Bela said...


Becca said...

Happy Birthday Cam!