Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Where Has the Time Gone?

It really feels like it was JUST the beginning of 2010, and here we are staring down 2011. Time seems to fly the older I get.
Christmas was wonderful for us. The boys were spoiled rotten. And after we'd opened up the gifts Christmas morning, and they were playing with their goodies, Jake came over and said, "More?" Steve and I said, "No, you've opened it all...." Then Steve realized we'd forgotten a few gifts...some BIG ones. (Not the ones in these pictures....these pictures are of their Santa presents.)
We were able to see both Steve's parents and mine. We enjoyed our family time, and talked a lot.
With My family we played Just Dance....we ALL had a blast!
It just seems like it went by SO fast.
This new year, I have new hopes. I'm frustrated with my boys (but that could be Christmas break talking here...) and I hope to master The Total Transformation and exercise at least once a week.
Happy New Year to all!

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Kim said...

I love seeing all your family together having fun! It reminds me of when we were in college and your family adopted me so I wouldn't have to spend Easter and other holidays alone. :)