Thursday, October 07, 2010

If You Don't See Me Again....It's Because I've Gone Crazy....

The next two days are Cameron's days off of school. He's thrilled, I'm dreading it.
Being a referee was not what I thought mothering would entail. Cam will torment Jake to the point where Jake screams this shrill yell that sounds almost like a whistle. Then I turn into evil mama, and begin yelling and screaming for peace. (Yeah, that's NOT gonna happen that way...)
I do have a goal though: Have a good and enjoyable time with my boys and try really, REALLY hard not to yell or swear at them.
This is actually my overall mothering goal, but it doesn't hurt to take it baby-step by teeny tiny baby-step, right?
Wish me luck, unless you see my obituary in the paper next week....then wish my hubby well. ;)

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Jewelle said...

Could you go to a park o na walk or something where Cameron could go off and play and Jake could play separately? I know that helps us sometimes when the girls seem to be getting in each others space. Good luck and no dying on us!