Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wedding and House Sitting

Yup, my week was filled with a wedding (that actually was only 2 of the days, but it was a biggie...) and then I was house-sitting the rest of the time. Steve's brother, Andrew, FINALLY married his girlfriend last Saturday. They've been together for about 4 years now, and they have a 2 1/2 year old son. We were VERY happy for them and it was a beautiful wedding. The cutest thing was when they'd walked everyone down the aisle, their son laid at the top of the stairs on his belly watching. He had THE best seat! Steve's aunt Verna came from Bonners Ferry for the wedding and his Uncle Dick came from Boise. It was great to see both sides of the family represented.
Aunt Verna made Andrew and Camille a beautiful quilt, and had them wrap themselves up in it. So cute!
My boys were anxious to get things done, they were VERY hungry, and dinner wasn't served until after the wedding.
Then they wanted more family got hard smiling for so long. Eventually we started making faces of our own.
It was a busy day, but one that we were glad to be able to be there for.
Then as soon as we got back in town from the wedding, we packed things up to spend the week at my mom's house, house-sitting. I was also supposed to help care for my handicapped uncle. The week went well. Steve and I had been asked to talk in Sacrament Meeting today, and we spent a LOT of time trying to find information for our talks. I'm glad to have it all over with. I loved my topic Heavenly Father is our perfect example of being a parent. It helped me think of how I parent my own kids and what I need to improve on.
Late last night, my guys all decided that they wanted the same "hai' cut!" I took the clippers, and buzzed all three of them within an inch of their lives...okay, well, within 1/8th of an inch of their lives. Steve is threatening to shave it all off completely. I don't want him to, but he's determined. Stay tuned for THOSE pictures.
It was a busy week, but one that I didn't have a problem doing.
Congrats to Andrew and Camille! And YAY!! My parents are home, which means I am too! :)

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cressfamily said...

Sounds like you had a prettty full of fun week. As to the haircuts...they look good and if steve wants to bic his just remember it grows back but to cover it with sunblock... or OUCH! Just ask Jason.